TEST FIXTURE                                                                                            


Test Fixture Design Services

An integral part of board test is the test fixture. Innovations in board technology may manifest themselves as challenges in test fixture design. Utilizing a creative & systematic design philosophy, Acculogic consistently delivers state of the art solutions for the most complex test interface problems.

Standard Fixtures

Ergonomic design positions the UUT and fixture at the most convenient angle to minimize operator fatigue.
Fixture opens 120 degrees to make all components readily accessible.
Recessed finger grips are located at the best balance position for easy handling.

Bench-Top Fixtures

Bench-Top fixtures are designed provide precision alignment technology to users of custom interface connectors such as those used for proprietary external instrument systems.
The frame positions the top plate at an ergonomically correct 30o angle for operation at standard bench-top height. The front frame has a built in hinges for easy access to interface wiring.


Hold-Down Gates

Adjustable Hold-Down Gates enable the user to position adjustable fingers for uniform distribution of pressure on the UUT surface.
Perfect for use on vacuum fixtures designed to test PCBs with open vias.
Uniform pressure holds the PCB tight against top plate gasketing, while allowing the PCB to contact and deflect spring probes.
Adjustable in X, Y and Z axes.
Gate opens to 90 degrees.
Quick-release handle locks gate in position for testing.
Optional 1" riser frames and riser fingers accommodate tall components.
Gate components are aluminum, steel and composite.

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